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Lightning Damage

When lightning strikes, the aftermath is overwhelming for everyone. It means anything and in extreme cases, everything from fried electronics to structural damages. On top of that, the headache of proving damage for insurance. The cherry on top is a good idea for a cake, but not when it means the headache of proving damage on top of the damage caused by lightning. This is exactly where Rebuild Estimators come into play. Our lightning damage estimate services team makes the process stress-free. Our lightning damage estimators document every damage with precision to liaising with insurers. RE’s lightning damage estimation services are designed so carefully that calling us doesn’t just mean convenience; it’s rather a strategic move to ensure a headache-free experience. So if lightning just handed you a few lemons, lay back, relax, and call rebuild estimators to get lightning damage estimation services done on time. 

Lightning is unpredictable, but your recovery doesn’t have to be.

Rebuild Estimators Experts At Your Service. Get Estimates At Market-Competitive Prices.

So, what to do after the storm’s surprise visit? Cue Rebuild Estimators. Our team of lightning damage estimation services experts is what you need by your side! We’re not your average Joe – and here’s where our art shines: Our residential lightning damage estimates never make your wallet scream, ever.

Rebuild Estimator’s lightning damage estimators always deliver on their promises at market-competitive prices. While it might sound “enh”, but, to the ones going through it, it’s like a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to maximize the return on their budget. We have no hidden fees and no surprises. Just honest, fair estimates that don’t touch the sky.

Our lightning damage estimation services team knows the ins and outs of damage assessment. We know how to manage and turn chaos into a roadmap for recovery. And that’s exactly our goal when estimating lightning damage. From fire damage to water woes, you can count on us to hand you estimates that make sense.

Residential Lightning Damage Estimate: How Much Damage Does Lightning Cause?

Lightning is spectacular, but only when you see it in YouTube shorts. In all actuality, it’s quite a formidable force of nature. It can unleash a cascade of destructive consequences – and it does that multiple times all across the globe. But, not all damages caused by lightning meets the eye. And that’s exactly why you need professional lightning damage estimation services.

When talking about damages caused by lightning, one of the most immediate and visible consequences one thinks of is something like structural damage – which is indeed true. The intense heat generated by a lightning bolt causes materials like wood, concrete, and metal to expand rapidly – which in turn causes cracks, fractures, or in some extreme cases, outright disintegration. Remember, anything that stands in the way of it, including buildings and trees 

has to bear the scars of this thermal assault, which basically demands competent lightning damage estimators.

Additionally, fire happens to be another peril associated with lightning strikes. For example: When lightning strikes a flammable surface (or say, ignites combustible materials) it consequently sparks devastating fires. So if you happen to ask a firefighter, they’ll be able to tell how often they face the daunting challenge of containing and extinguishing these blazes.

So if you’ve just been through an unfortunate circumstance, don’t delay with getting your residential lightning damage estimates. Call us at Rebuild Estimators now and get all of our professional lightning damage estimators acting on time.

Commercial Lightning Damage Estimate: Can Lightning Strike A Concrete Building? Can Lightning Strike Through Concrete?

1. Thunderstorms & Tough Structures

Lightning can totally strike a concrete building. The odds of that might look pretty slim, but it still happens. Now people usually think of concrete as a super tough material. But lightning could care less. Simply put, concrete structures are not immune to the pressure when the lightning rolls in.

2. Lightning Through Concrete

When it comes to understanding commercial lightning damage estimate, a lot of people ask online “can lightning make it through concrete?”.

Here’s a simple answer: Look, there’s nothing that can stop lightning from making its way through concrete. It’s not hard to guess that lightning is kind of stubborn. So if it can find a path, even through the densest concrete, it’ll definitely take it. So, having a concrete building is nice. But it doesn’t mean that it’s immune to lightning strikes… or there are no odds of getting struck by one.

3. The Sneaky Path: Conductivity Matters

Lightning is all about finding the easiest path to the ground. Concrete might seem solid – and it is solid – but it’s not a perfect insulator. So keeping that in perspective, lightning is likely to use something such as metal bars or even water as a shortcut, because it happens to be a better conductor.

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